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What is happening Now! Recent Developments and Crud..

Just released Obama Nation a Title Screen hack of the NES game Zombie Nation.

I'm still stuck using my laptop, but whenever I get back to my desktop I will be pumping out two releases hopefully I'm not going say what they are except that one is mostly finished needing submission and the other is just a Slightly updated version of a released hack.

Neither are a Zombie Nation hack, nor related to that the patch you find here is my final version of Obama Nation that will not be submitted elsewhere.   

I actually have a big list of games I call Hackables not to be confused with saying they are easy to hack games some might be but not all of them are. These just are games I have noted for Hacking that I've got plans on for one reason or another in some previously determined or undetermined way or fashion. it's a very big list and it grows often and is in addiction to my many other hacks that are on the revision list and to be revised list or one day finished list.

In recently times I finished one Hack but it cost me 70 dollars just to do, it was my hack of Arknoid called Break Out because I had bought a PPC Mac just to run the program required to hack it. So I got a 70 dollar Hack release, but just goes to show a romhackers dedication to a hack they want to do.

I do it for fun, and I enjoyed my Mac until I found out you need a Intel Mac now days. At the time I just was clueless and only was concerned with one hack that I had no other feasible way to finish and since I've yet to find one that is worth me paying 200 dollars to finish on a Intel Mac.

I'm such of a hacker I don't even care what others think of my hacks or how they use it, just how I feel about it and if I like it that is it, I call it complete. And I might even make patches that change a single thing or that enables a cheat but most times I do it to the max when I am working on that particular hack and I do every thing I have in mind while trying to pack any extra stuff I can muster in too, but I do my best work very fast and it happens all at once when it comes together and slows to a halt suddenly and then I have to move on to something else. Now getting back to that particular hack that takes sometime, but I do stack everything into a certain place while working on other stuff for when the time comes for it to be brought back from the back burner and into the light of a new day. And Chances are if you know me on twitter or else where and I talk about a Hack I often make it up very fast..   

in 2014 I lost a lot stuff do to a house fire that took with it all my hard drives and computers couldn't save those but the Hacker is intact and that is what counts, I have since recreated several hacks from Memory and others from a screen shot, so what ever you do always take screen shots and share them some where and release a Patch as often as possible.  Cuz one never knows the future.


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