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Super Robot Wars 2 Nes Canceled ReTranslation

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Was something he worked on before his house burned and before the  Completed Official Translation came out. only left here for Memory of his many lost works.  This had nothing to do with the official translation or earlier versions. Mostly was done so he could play further into the game for himself and now that the game has been Officially Translated he has no need to work on such a hack that no longer exist. It wouldn't have matter anyway his house burned and there was nothing left that could be recovered. One day maybe he'll mess around with the game genie again to recover the cheat code he had found for the game or maybe he will find some other good cheat codes in the further further future.  

This was for my English translation work on super robot wars 2 for the nes console or of Dai-2-Ji - Super Robot Taisen (J).nes.
As you can see I already made some improvements I did just notice I may have made a slight mistake in one part but that will be fixed before any patch is issued. Read text at the bottom of page for more information.. 

Zhen 2


All Those mecha Robot games are a pain to play through, but I have made some progress with this one lately. I am proud of my self with my latest work on it.. Check Out The Newest Screen Shots..
None this stuff is final, and may not even be in there once I finish working on it. I also have fixed the save screen after beating a stage it says SaveGame and Next Map for the selectable options there instead some Japanese text left over with English font peices. The bad thing about the Goal Discription which is pictured below is that for the first 5 stages the game and the condictions are the same with the exception of the 6th stage where you are suppose to defeat the leader. So that part for stage 1 through 5 uses the same space in the rom. Which sucks as far as I know though it works fine in all of the first 5 Stages after that when it gets to the 6th one I don't know. I have never beat stage 5.. I am working on some Game Genie Codes for it, I found one that makes the game slightly easier effects the enemy's in a strange way. But it needs some work like becoming an 8 letter code. Oh and the one last thing that I have done so far is when you go to put a unit inside the white base it say's Load and then the menu item shows Send to send them out.  


Japanese Game 2 Lines Of Text

Dai-2-Ji - Super Robot Taisen (J) [T+Eng.6a_AGTP].nes






My Hack 3 Lines Of Text In English

My Translation of Super Robot Wars 2





This is what I am working on at the moment Dai-2-Ji - Super Robot Taisen (J) [T+Eng.6a_AGTP].nes Fix and retranslation I am attempting to fix and continue translation from where the prevous hackers translators left off. So far I just fixed few things to look nicer but when I get the whole english intro story fit in I'll probably release a beta patch.. the reason it'll show up here is because the minute I go and submit it they will reject it and say it's not a real translation just because I can't dump or reinsert the script I do everything on the fly and have to fit in what I can.. I have a legit already translated source though. because most of this game has already been translated the english text just needs to be added or fit into the rom.  And that is what I am doing for now. Aside from fixing a few errors in the existing translation patch.. This may or may not get finished I don't know. The easy parts are done but the harder stuff is just begining.. At some point there will be an improvement patch over the existing incomplete translation..  

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