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Breaking New Ground, Really Hacking For The Game Boy Advance!!!!

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Fire Emblem 7 Gba Patch File

I had given up almost on rom hacking altogother I guess cause I had reached the limits of what I really could do with the Nes, I had lost my motivation for hacking then I stumbled upon a new area of hacking I can't believe that I found a new program that I can work with and use to hack games I thought I had tried everything and there were no other good programs out there other than those I had used for years, TLP, YYchr and that. But low and behold there is a GBA specific graphic hacking program that I can use and understand how it works like out the blue comes this new toy for me to hack away with all the day long.. Then I figured out what a Raw image format is and how to use it to my own advantage.. So well I'm excited about rom hacking again after about 5 years of slacking on and off.. Who Knew, Nobody.. Anyway I put together my first ever GBA Title Screen hack and my first ever compressed Graphics Hack.. I think it looks okay for my first Gba hack ever. This does give a preview of what game series I plan to make a hack of in far future although this hack has nothing to do with what I have in mind for the series. It's all just playing around right now seeing where I can go call it plemonmary work or something I can't spell..  I did at least draw the thing myself... Fire Emblem 7 Finally becomes just plain old Blazing Sword..

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