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Turtle Soup A TMNT1 Level & Map Editor

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An Editor for TMNT that I guess doesn't exist anymore but I still have some old version of it called TMNTEditPro.exe. I don't know who made it, or where it came from the about window on it doesn't load when you click on it and there is no info or readme file just the program inside a zip file, So I can't redistirbute it plus it doesn't do much I'll load up my patch for TMNT1 that show cases what it can do which isn't much. I wish I knew more about this or had a more complete version good luck searching for turtle soup I tried that to no end. And  I only found out that used to be the name of it when I looked at it with a hexeditor.  Maybe it's a early version of Cowabunga but Cowabunga is mostly a level editor and not a map editor so I don't know. The Level editor part of TMNTEditPro doesn't work or do anything either just the Map Editor is useable and works.


You can get my hack where I used this editor to make a simple edit of the map so you can go and save april from the very start of the game. Nothing spectacular really. The changes are also showcased in the map editor window because I had my hack loaded in there. So you don't really need the patch.


TMNT1 Hacked Patch

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