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Well looks like I am back being a romhacker again, maybe..
All Night Nippon Xtra Promo Super Mario Brothers
is a hack of All Night Nippon Super Mario Brothers Japan. The incomplete hack according to but we have it here for you. They always critisize my hacks they aren't pretty or made for a select group, but I got news I am back and I'm better than ever before. New Drugs and All. This is just one lost archived patch of my past works probably the best of them never seen since it was last submitted there in 2007. Made entirely under XP Windows thus the name Xtra Promo came to be. It's meant to be crappy looking it is XP from the lamest windows version ever made. SO it was rejected, It's still a complete change from Regular SMB1 on nintendo.
Bug's Bunny's Super Mario Brothers
is a hack of All Night Nippon Super Mario Brothers from the Japanese radio show of the same name, it is a work inprogress, where I have planned to make mario into a Bug's Bunny game simular to bug's birthday blowout this hack goes very far back to when I first thought of being a hacker I wanted to make this hack a reality when I didn't even know what hacking was. You'll find several versions and patches of this hack on my achive page up to the latest Newbunny demo levels Patch I just added yesterday to the main site it used to be avalible before but the link was broken. and that is how far it has progressed since the 2000s when I first started work on it. Has my newest bunny graphic and 3 new really hard levels to chalenge you.
Super Mario RPGed
is a hack of Super Mario RPG Legend Of The Seven Stars. It changes the amount of experience you get from enemies in the game, thus providing easy leveling for all characters. also has improved, balanced status changes for all 5 characters, it will allow you to max the levels of all characters earlier in the game than usual. If you want to make a quick run through the entire game this patch is for you. plus you start out with 20FP and Mario has some equipment already. This patch is avalible on Zophars Domain.
BreakOut an Arknoid Hack for the nes
Break out is a work in progress hack where all graphics and levels are suppose to be changed eventually the beta patch is from long ago I had released to show case some my work on it back then. And the thruth is it is a lie even the screen shots on my 50megs site are out dated the current version didn't use the same crappy looking blocks or bricks among other changes but it went missing so I have to redo all those changes from memory. It'll get done again just as soon as i work on it. I finally have my last offical patch again so expect an updated version soon.

Extreme Super Mario Brothers is a short hack but is different from the usual in that you only play 5 worlds to beat the game with level -1 not being a dead end, and there are no repeat levels every level consist of my favorites and harder levels than normal leaving out the rest.. Minor level edits it is not a level hack you just are forced to play through different levels to beat the game.. Remember I wrote the Level Map Bytes doc, and used it for this hack fixed the half way points tweaked it, and made it Extreme.. Do aviod pipes unless it is a warp zone some work but most don't..
Akuma-kun - Makai no Wana, I tried really hard with out a translater to make it playable in english, tried to get someone else to work on translating it, and did abandon it gave it over too them but I guess I'll have to pick it up again or well give my abandon work archive to anyone who wants it..They said it needed to be expanded or something and the one person had problems with it and gave up on it too. I can't exacly upload it it has actual roms in it..
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot, I have a translated source for about 90 percent of the game but still no actual translator, the source that I am looking at tells me what is going on in the game from the Japanese to English for most the game. I can't dump the script though so have to fit in what I can. I am using a thrid party source for translation sounds kind wierd, but it is legit.    

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