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Seems my Silva Saga Font was and is being used in the official Translation after all thanks Aishsha and Djinn, so you can leave from here and head directly over to Romhacking.Net and get the official Translation instead. And my no sram patch is use less as well because it removes the ability to save the game both patches have been removed as of 08-24-2016.  

Removed "My hack of the Silva Saga complete english translation by Aishsha .. With a new font but it is not part of the official translation, Since changed their mind, and I guess I could be mad about it, but I'm not you can still get my hacked version with a better looking new font only and the no sram hack as well in a single download.. Thanks to Aishsha of course.. Note: The below patches can only be applied over the original Japanese rom of Silva Saga, which should be 513kb.."
Removed "Also a Mapper hack of the GeGeGe no Kitaro 2: Yokai Gundan no Chosen English translation patches the mapper from Mapper 152 back to Mapper 70 the original Japanese mapper. Patch applies over the pre translated version by Aishsha and Djinn.." There is a program that does the same thing but is better as it works on different versions of the game. Check

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