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Rom Hacking Idea's

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Hack Idea's

Well just hacking idea's that I may or may not work on. Probably never will work on them. So have fun. One mans idea could become anothers hack. 

Been playing with Linux as noted on main page. There is this cool mario type game called SuperTux starring the Linux Penguin Tux. Thought of putting him in a mario game for nes or another system. But then thought an easier game would be wizards and warriors 1 or 2 or Iron sword as they call it in japan. If you had played supertux you would know why I suggested that one as a basis for such a hack would be simple I think and away from the usaul mario hacks. And Tux Warrior sounds good and has a nice ring to it. No need to give credit either right now my Idea's are free for use under the GPL don't forget to thank Linux tho. Legality could be an issue with this Tux charecter ask and you may recieve permission. Good Luck.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skate or Die like who thought there was a possible link between the turtles and the nes game Skate or Die. But I don't see any turtles in the nes game. Fix it anyway that is one of my latest idea's of which I don't got time for.  See images below. Skate or Die 2 even has sewers yet still no turtles I don't get it damn bull shit t-shirt.   




The next idea well there is this arcade game called PIRANHA a 1981 hack of Pac Man so thought it could be ported to other systems this one I might could do myself for the nes I did enjoy making Mr. Pac Man a lot so would be fun to port it to the nes. But hey one might can beat me to it or port it to other systems. Like endless possiblities maybe. Any way that is all the idea's I have so far. Good luck and happy hacking. See images below. If one could just get past the first stage see ingame.  




When all things are tested they shall not fail.