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Kid Klown's KrazyNES

Projects Extended Information

FZ Maze Hack
1943 1944 Japan
My Dragon Destiny
Action Replay NDS
PAR Codes
GBA Hacking
GameShark PSX TOP
Turtle Soup?
Some Hack Info
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot
Screen Shots
Babble Bank
4-IN-1 Hack
Final Fight 3 Preview
Phantasy Star ? The Hopeless
Not Gradius 3
Bug Fixes
No Intro
Hack Idea's

Current, Dead, Completed, and Incomplete,  projects info.

Abandon Hacks List
Metal Max (J) [T+Eng.01a_AGTP].nes> Hack Abandoned all work was lost in fire no patch ever exsisted, and who knows one day the original authors may compete it themselves but I think they already did it is called Metal Max: Returns for SNES and is basically the same game
Dai-2-Ji - Super Robot Taisen (J) [T+Eng.6a_AGTP].nes> Hack Abandoned all work was lost in fire and there was no existing patch ever made, and since then the original authors released a completed translation so there is no need for PK to go back and try remaking a unneeded hack of someone else's work.
Akuma-kun - Makai no Wana> English Menus, Shops, Battle Menu, etc. 
Akuma-kun - Makai no Wana New> Same as above with a Yes and No Fix.
Akuma-kun - Makai no Wana> Full Source Archive, you'll have to request it. 
Devil Boy - Trap of Hell> with Translated Menus and English Title Screen was Released unrelated to other abandon hacks used different Table files and programs still incomplete..

Completed Hacks List
Squashed Reversed> a hack of Squashed NES
Revelations - The Demon Slayer Improvement> AKA Last Bible GBC
Phantasy Star 2 Fuzzical Fighter> a hack of Fuzzical Fighter
Phantasy Star ? The Last Hope> A hack of Airfortress NES
1919 Spoof> A 1942.nes hack
Breakout> a Hack of Arknoid NES
My Dragon Destiny> a Destiny of an Emperor hack NES
Mr. Pac-Man> a Miss Pac-Man Namco Hack NES
Lazy Power Quest> Power Quest game boy color with altered robot models
Spooky Kitaro 2: Kitaro vs. Yokai Army> Password Fix  NES
Super Greyscale Brother's> SMB1 Compette Palette hack  NES
Xtra Promo Brothers> SMB1 hack is complete in it's own rite others disagree
Zelda Tech Junk 1&2>  Zelda 1 hacks PK considers them complete others disagree

Incomplete Hacks List
Super Mario Brothers 4 Bowsers Revenge> smb1 hack
Rogers Crazy Castle> a bugs bunny's crazy castle hack
Bunny Quest> a mystery quest hack
All Night Bugs Bunny's Birthday Bash> All Night Nipon smb hack
Bugs Bunny's Super Mario Brothers> smb1 hack
Super Sponge 1> smb1 hack
Super Sponge 2> smb2 hack
Super Fly Promo Brothers> smb1 hack
Super Fly Brothers 2> smb1 hack
Mario's Crazy Castle> two BBCC hacks
Air Wolf  3> an air wolf japan hack not released
Osama Assassin> a Chuka Taisen English hack
My Dragon Destiny> a Destiny of an Emperor hack not the same as dragon destiny

Translation Hacks and other experimental hack list
Akuma-kun - Makai no Wana> English Menus, Shops, Battle Menu, etc. 
Akuma-kun - Makai no Wana New> Same as above with a Yes and No Fix.
GeGeGe no Kitaro 2 T-Eng> Mapper hack from mapper 152 back to mapper 70  
Silva Saga> New Font and No Save Ram Hack
Dragon Quest Japan> English Menu and misc changes Dead
1944 a 1943 Japan Hack> Power Up Menu English no_english_font
1943 Japan> Power Up Menu English no_english_font
SD GunDam Kight Story 1> English Title Screen Lost Patch
AOEbata>  Adventures Of Erdrick beta txthack+dw1mainchr     AOM hack
AOMhack>  Adventures of Erdrick Dw1Chr+ConeSlime+shopsigns  AOM hack
AOMhack2> Adventures Of Erdrick txt+chr+cSlime+dw1SSigns    AOM hack
AOMnewhack> Adventures of Erdrick NewDw1Chr+Cslime+nontxthack AOM hack
Adventures Of Erdrick> or AOMhack is my Adventures of Musashi English hack of the pretranslated version has American shop tiles not included in official translation I replaced japanese tiles in my hack for the shop signs and a picture inside the shop, is the same as adventures of musashi but is a incomplete hack of it. Beta 2 patch is now avalible 11-13-2008.  
AOEbeta2> adds my new dragon warrior type main charecter, a new female shop keeper from dragon warrior 4, english dragon warrior type shop signs, text changes Musashi becomes Erdrick and some item name changes, has one monster change the Cone looks like a black slime and is meant to be a Cone Slime and it has a questionable picture inside the shops.. The above AOM hacks discriptions are meant to show the levels of where things where changed then put together into Adventures Of Erdrick Beta 2.     

Undisclosed Hacks List
Canary Land> a Zzz_Unk_Binary_Land Bad CHR hack unoffically released
Graduis 3> two Zzz_Unk_Salamander Bad CHR Title hacks
Super Cloud Brothers> a smb1 hack never released
Final Fight 3 "Something Edition"> a Final Fight 3 NES hack unfinished
Final Fight 3 Preview> a preview of my above unfinished hack RHDN didn't like it..
1919 Spoof> A 1942.nes hack.finished
Phantasy Star ? The Last Hope> Undisclosed original nes game.

Those are all I know of for now. I am sure Klown has others that I don't know about yet. <Constrictor>


When all things are tested they shall not fail.