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Phantasy Star ? The Hopeless

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Phantasy Star ? The Hopeless
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OH The Suspence, and The Wonder. Coming Soon to the NES.
Well The secret has been Revealed  It's a Hack of Air Fortress, It remained as Phantasy Star ? The Hopeless cause I got lazy and didn't want to redo the Title Screen, I did change a bit of it's palette though for the Title screen only, And made up a mostly complete New Story. It includes the planet Motavia, Mother Brain, Phantasy Star stuff, and Alf.
Only some minor Ghaphic changes aside from the Title Screen. I may change more in an updated version that will be done eventually. Enjoy.

Well during my recent work on this hack the title screen reads Phantasy Star ? The Hopeless, I hope it's not an indacator of how this hack is progressing..  

Hack Mods
Title Screen: 100% needs tweaking and possible new name..
Text: Untouched
Story: Unaltered
Palette: Skiped Over mean has not been done..
Misc. Graphix: Altered something but it reveals too much to say..  
And Other: Redumped it..
 I have been working on Phantasy Star ? The Hopeless that is the current title as of yesterday as it reads on the title screen. it's not an hack of the existing Chinese Phantasy Star RPG for the NES though, it is of a totally different non RPG game And as such I have no current Phantasy Star type graphix for the NES only the advent of maybe a possible font and nothing else so I have to make my own graphix for it, Because the RPG game has totally compressed graphix.. It's a big head ache although the palette just needs a few minor changes and the text is 100% do able don't even need a table file..

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