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Kid Klown's KrazyNES

15 Years Story

FZ Maze Hack
1943 1944 Japan
My Dragon Destiny
Action Replay NDS
PAR Codes
GBA Hacking
GameShark PSX TOP
Turtle Soup?
Some Hack Info
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot
Screen Shots
Babble Bank
4-IN-1 Hack
Final Fight 3 Preview
Phantasy Star ? The Hopeless
Not Gradius 3
Bug Fixes
No Intro
Hack Idea's

Some Idoits out there never get over momentary mishaps, and it's been a long many years in my early days I was mostly a lurker although I had made a few hacks I hadn't really gotten anywhere with them, til 9 years ago when I mistakenly joined nobody had heared of me, and Many still don't know me nobody does they just think they do. You've never met me, so you don't fucking know me. 
in my early days I made a lot of mistakes used bad grammer which I still don't give a fuck about Proper Grammer but if idoits can't read what you write and it isn't correct they don't understand shit that you say. So I learned to "Dumbdown"  everything I write, for me it is stupid to be tied down to a system of grammer called Proper English when there is no such thing.
For me it doesn't matter if you use proper grammer or write hogwash or Cave Speak I can still read it probably and even know what you meant to say most of the time. A side from reading really well I am not the brightiest person around. After all grammer came to me only after not wanting to get bashed anymore. I still don't understand Paragraphs their structures and all that I bet these are all out whack. lol
As a romhacker I probably still suck, Although I can Hack, Graphics, text, Palete's and some other aspects of a picticular game. I'm not a Graphical Artist or a Story Writer.
With time I get better at stuff but only because I spend countless hours hacking games in varous ways and eventually through time I learn how to do new things. It takes a while and I have a long list of Fails, and only a short list of works that actually did something..
I probably could have progessed futher, if not for the fact that I've spent the last 7 years studying NES Mappers and haven't learned jack shit except that I still don't know crap about them. I did discover how to expand NES games though, the correct way and maybe someday that will help.
I don't really keep up with anything and I've fallen way behind the times, so I probably seem ill informed but it is because I'm the last person to know.  

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When all things are tested they shall not fail.