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GameShark PSX TOP
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Dai-2-Ji Super Robot
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4-IN-1 Hack
Final Fight 3 Preview
Phantasy Star ? The Hopeless
Not Gradius 3
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2014 My house burnt and I barely escaped with my life, none my computers or hard drives made it out all were burned or ruined beyond recovery so anything I was working on and hadn't released a patch for online is gone so there is nothing to start back from except what was online already. no Devil Boy - Trap Of Hell partial inserted dialog Translation, no title screen Fix of it either those are both lost. the mere posibilty that I would ever start them again lies at zero chance in hell.  
A whole year later I had truely given up until I bought a Nintendo Wii about a week ago May 2015 and was reawakened to the possibilities of gaming and perhaps a future of playing game hacks on the Wii.
One Day far in the future if I ever come back and make any Rom hacks or improvements, updates of prevous works it won't be in a usual way, I don't plan on ever being active. Just mostly Undead.
what I am doing currently is gathering up all the Romhacking programs I still understand that work with windows 7 that I am stuck with now because I have no computer that will run windows XP or lower OS, if not windows 7 64 I can't run any other OS worth the powder to blow to Hell on my new 64 bit system.  
I actually love windows 7pro 64bit and hate it at the same time I have found though that I can run many other programs including DOS programs using the Microsoft Built Windows XP Virtual Machine Through Windows 7's own Virtual PC, and not Virtual PC 2007.

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When all things are tested they shall not fail.