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Kid Klown's KrazyNES

FZ Maze Hack
1943 1944 Japan
My Dragon Destiny
Action Replay NDS
PAR Codes
GBA Hacking
GameShark PSX TOP
Turtle Soup?
Some Hack Info
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot
Screen Shots
Babble Bank
4-IN-1 Hack
Final Fight 3 Preview
Phantasy Star ? The Hopeless
Not Gradius 3
Bug Fixes
No Intro
Hack Idea's

Welcome to Kid Klown's KrazyNES. Enjoy your stay.
*Note* Scroll down the page for latest updates information and "site navigation help".

Check the Patches Page to get my latest patches
Obama Nation a Zombie Nation Title Hack.
KEN's Momentary Sex Change Gaiapolis Hack.
Power Ranger Jetman a Choujin Sentai Jetman T+Eng Hack.
Hacks Archive has been edited and restored click on Patches in the navagation to find a link to it.. There are at least 20 or more patches in my archive. enjoy..

Site Index For Dummies
<Addendum> Akuma-kun: Makai no Wana My Latest Translation Patch
<Phantasy Star ? The Last Hope> Finished
<Ripped> has the MSN Nintendo Display Images.
<Not Gradius 3> is about Salamander no Life Force.
<GGCodes> game genie codes.
<No Intro> no intro hacks more to come maybe not.
<1943 1944 Japan> 1943 & 1944 Japan with English power up menu.
<Software> Emulation related tools only emulators for now.
<Hack Idea's> Free rom hacking idea's no crediting required.
<Dai-2-Ji Super Robot> my translation fix of SRW2 Abandoned
<The Rest> Should be self explanatory unless you need brain surgery.
<Projects> Current, Dead, Completed, and Incomplete,  projects info.
<Patches> Latest Patches. Is being updated to include old patches too.
<Final Fight 3 Preview> My Final Fight 3 hack preview release.
<4-IN-1 Hack> my Super 4-in-1 (K4033) [p1][Special_Hack].
<Bug Fixes> My fixes for other peoples Translations Abandon..
<Babble Bank> Missing Patch of Battle Tank NES it is not suitable for all ages 18+ only.

<Hack Idea's> Was just updated has two new idea's with images. May 4th 2008

<Not Gradius 3> Was updated more pictures & new title screen

<Patches> Updated with Beta 2 of my Adventure Of Erdrick hack is a bit different than the old patch. Has a new Warrior, a Sexy shop owner, and more item name changes.

Under development.


When all things are tested they shall not fail.