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PK's Slackware Based Linux Reference Page

Tested Reviewed Favorites


Slackware based tried and tested reviews and / or favorite distro's.

ZENWALK 5.2 (formally MiniSlack)
is great with netpkg you can't go wrong and updating is never easier with any other slackware based distro, One program pertask keeps it clean and free of clutter no bloat of extra programs that are not required. Still it is a fully functional Linux OS, usable for everyday task, business aplications, for beginers, novice, as well as expert Linux users. Packages, Last FM Radio, Console emulators Zsnes, Fceu, Fakenes, Icedove and Iceweasel aka FireBird and FireFox un branded versions. lots of goodies also includes a base hexeditor. Zenwalk is my current favorite distro. And ranks as number 1 in my top 3 distro's, Highly recomened this is not your usaul slackware distro, it is a league of it's own.   

NimbleX 2008 Final
Is okay though the 2007v2 is faster, and free of that damn compliz program, still NimbleX 2008 rocks, fast internet surfing, easy internet connection, safe installer will install to your hard drive with out formating and can boot with XP windows or you can install it to boot off of a usb pin drive requires formating. But be warned stay away from the Compliz Program I uninstall it imedately upon booting NimbleX. 3D windows are okay I guess if you have the power for it but on a low end PC it is not recomend can cause NimbleX to Freeze and have a non recoverible session. Is a small size distro 200mb full, comes in 2 other smaller versions sub-100mb and sub-69mb for advanced Linux users. all in all is nice and the impressive features out way the let downs, uses get-slapt package manger, Fire Fox 2, why not Fire Fox 3. Remember they are trying to save space for other things. Not recomended for beginers but the novice would find it easy enough, It is neat to say the least. And you can make your own custom live CD version of the 2007v2 at the Nimblex website with a few clicks of the mouse, Once it gets updated to the 2008 version than it will be much better. Ranks as number 2 on my list still I would like it more if it used a better Package manger or had an alternative.   


Vector Linux 5.9 STD
is for advanced users, is so pose to be very stable and more close to the normal slackware base. Many things require manual setup such as configuring the internet or installing drivers all are done using the console, terminal, command prompt what ever they call it in Linux, Vector was my first slackware distro and it did impress me enough that I became a slacker. And the learning cruve of it has help me a lot with other distro's. Has it's own gui based package manger as well as a better version of the normal Linux pkgtool. It makes a good build system in that it helps you build packages for it and other versions of Vector and maybe with some advanced skills one could build packages for other distro's. I don't know never got that far. Ranks number 3 on my list. Recomended if you can get past the learning curve.   

Puppy Linux
Is not slackware based but it supports installing slackware packages, is a small Linux only 50mb, can install to or save on your hard drive from the live cd and save your changes. No formating required is a stand alone cd based Linux though it can boot from your hard drive with out the cd. Has it's pup-get package manger, as well as custom built pup-get packages, and suport for the out dated dot-pup packages and package manger that can be installed seperately though it's not recommended. Has an applet to convert slackware packages to pup-get. All in all it is very easy for beginers. And very safe for your hard drive. If I wasn't running a slackware distro I would go with Puppy. Highly recommened for those who have never used Linux before.

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