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<A third update for 2013> Well people know by now I'm not retiring my hack Phastasy Star 2 Fuzzical Fighter came out, I'm slowly working on Devil Boy - Trap Of Hell "Akuma-kun - Makai no Wana" and Currently Dragon Destiny my Hack of Destiny of an Emperor. I  just released a beta Patch of my Dragon Destiny hack. Enjoy..  
<A second update for 2013> I don't know what many hackers are  going to do after this year when we are forced to upgrade to newier windows beyond XP some probably already have but many hacktools have enough trouble working under XP I can't imagine the future when we can only use one or two programs that we are used too and probably not the ones we prefer using. I might even just retire after 2014. Unless I find away to still run programs under newier windows. Or unless some one donates me a Mac with OS X 10.5 Leopard, if I had one those I could probably finish some hacks like Break Out. 
<A new update 2013> I haven't really done anything but to say I hadn't worked on anything would be a lie I've hacked some text into Metal Max for the Nes which is the same game as Metal Max Returns on Snes that has already been translated. Like with Super robot I fixed up and added some english for stuff in the game so I could play it easier to the partial exsisting translation. About half the stuff in it is using some wierd pointer system that I couldn't crack where other parts are not even effected by it. I gave up on it after making it far enough to have the first two tanks at the town where you can get the thrid person to join your party. No Patch I've thought instead to restart it from scratch with the unaltered Japanese version I don't know I get to far ahead of myself and by the time I get back to a picticular hack I've worked on or have an iterest in working on could be years later.
<Update 4-8-2012> I'm working on a hack of Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, you can get more Info on it at my YouTube Channel. 
<Update 4-8-2012> I reloaded the Screen Shot Pages on my old Patch archive that is on another site, if you won't see those click on patches and find the link for the old archive page. The reason for this is I havn't really got to adding Screen Shots on this site yet and many of my hacks were already shown on the old site.   
<Phantasy Star ? The Hopeless>was Update with info and a link were you can get the patch. wow is the first time I've had a real update in a while.
<PAR Codes> 2 Pro Action Replay codes for the SNES game First Samurai, for now.. 
<GBA Hacking> Yes I really hacked compressed graphics for the Game Boy Advance plain Fire Emblem often called Blazing Sword finally it really is just that. My first attempt ever at GBA Hacking, and Successfully having new motivation for hacking roms.. Again.............
<GameShark PSX TOP> Some Custom Deciphered Game Shark Codes for the Playstation Tales Of Phantasia.  
<Dai-2-Ji - Super Robot > I know this page is jumbled with crap, but you should see my hard drive it's a maze. Any way I updated my progress for this hack with details of what I have done so far  with some new screen shots, no patch yet.. I am really only just starting work on it these things take loads of time..  
<Turtle Soup?> I'll let you figure that one out by taking a look you can't eat it cause it's not food.. 12/11/2010 
<Reviews> Currently just my review of My Nes 2.0 has some screen shots and text. Enjoy 12/10/2010 
<Software> Updated added the My Nes 2.0 Emulator and you can download the Slimdx.dll's there too, that you need to get it to work for x86 and x64 computers.
<Patches>Updated added 4 patches plus relisted misc ones check news page for info on those 4 and visit the patches page too.  11/30/2010 12/01/2010
<Dai-2-Ji Super Robot> has one new image added, check screenshots page for images of my latest hack Extreme SMB1 download the patch on the Patches page or read about it on the news page.. 09-28-2010
<GGcodes> added 1942 mystery code that was used to make my 1919 hack.. Other misc updates to site 09-25-2010.
Old Patches Archive Has Been Restored, <Dai-2-Ji Super Robot>  Translation, Added progress screen shots and some info.. 09-24-2010
Akuma-kun - Makai no Wana English Hack New patch fixed it to have Yes and No instead of Ya and Nay. Only patches over the unchanged Japanese rom. Check under patches on the navagation bar. Enjoy.. My final changes are not included in patch. As it is no longer my project.. 
Well I guess I'm unoffically back but not really just doing work from the shadows.. It is more rewarding though helping others with out really doing anything, even if I didn't take credit for it, it's okay, I'm happy..

One of these days I'm going to revamp all my 70+ hacks and put them on one page, given that I ever find time for it..


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