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Unknown Hacks

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Unknown Hacks

Hack's slide or well they are sliding down hill and not getting out to the world many hacks are out there yet few have ever seen them nor does anyone know they exist beside there creators, I myself have 70+ unfinished hacks, and I know of several hacks that no one has ever seen and they are even complete hacks, with the exception of not being in english, and no one except a very select few like myself will ever come across those hacks nor will they ever be in the good sets because cow doesn't really freaking care, he just likes fixing the mappers that shouldn't be fix, Damn my stupid luck for figuring out that mapper 245 is a mapper 4 varient and wam all the mapper 245 roms in the goodnes set suddently became mapper 4 roms. After of course that some other person my arch enemy wrote a document that explains the nes mappers in detail, that was a mistake of his, along with my mistake then you add 2 and 2 together and you end up with fixed mappers that should not be fixed onto or for the original roms. Of course I use that same doc myself for my own in house remapperedings with the 3 programs I use for doing that kind of stuff and A.E. thinks he knows all my secrets, Ha Ha Ha.

One day I'll write a document too, on how to blindedly remapper nes roms with out coding, bank switching or registors what ever those are anyway beats me, a document explaining those now that would make sense. All they will get from me though is a short 500 word or less document about NES Mapper's Compatibilty hopefully with some notation on mirrioring principles cracking. Anyway that is the wet dream.. Aside from the fact that I am setting in a darkened room with a black keyboard typing this crap.. 

The real fact of all this is I am puting up a new site kind of from inside of my tripod account called, Unknown Hacks. Where I will be willing to host patches of any unknown hacks out there and other hacks that haven't or will never make it onto or into places such as BHDN "Bad Hacks"  RHDN ""  or the GoodSets. most hacks are not too lame or unperverted enough to make it onto Unknown Hacks, as for known complete hacks and provished preversions there are other places for those, however there will be standards as low as they are. Like for instance my Lame Zelda1 hack it is a complete hack of the zelda1 overworld yet for some reason the sites lay claim saying it's incomplete and will not accept it when right there on the same site they have lamer zedla1 hacks then mine Zelda Tech Junk. So to start with you'll see a few of my hacks that will be on Unfinished Hacks along with those several others I mentioned above. Chances are if you made some effort only to have your hack rejected I will consider hosting the patch just by request on Unknown Hacks. Asumming of course that I can find a link to download the patch. which I will store else where to aviod future broken links, I have loads of freehosting asides from tripod for files and IPS patches aren't space hogs.

Anyway soon you'll get to see what a hosted Hack page will look like on this new Unknown Hacks Site. It most likely will have at least one screen shot, a brief discription, The Hack Title. and author Information, Creator Hacker, or hackers..

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