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Kid Klown's KrazyNES

Misc. Updates

FZ Maze Hack
1943 1944 Japan
My Dragon Destiny
Action Replay NDS
PAR Codes
GBA Hacking
GameShark PSX TOP
Turtle Soup?
Some Hack Info
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot
Screen Shots
Babble Bank
4-IN-1 Hack
Final Fight 3 Preview
Phantasy Star ? The Hopeless
Not Gradius 3
Bug Fixes
No Intro
Hack Idea's

What I am doing right now. To keep you up to date.

First you should check the links page and follow the link to my old site which now is just an archive of my old works and hacks. There you can find most of my hacks and download my patches which are not available anywhere else on the internet.
Second I am back in full force and am working on several totally new hacks of which I have never done before. And I am making progress with them and they will appear on here in time. As for Breakout my Arknoid hack it's on the back burner getting the wrinkles smoothed out. Though it will eventually end up with two separate patches. One will be an improved font only patch as I have improved part of the font already and there is extra space for such improvements in the Arknoid rom image. And the second one will be Breakout with the font improvements, along with graphic and text changes. And that is it. The latest version which is on my hard drive has more graphical changes then the beta 1 patch you can find on my archive site in the downloads section. Look in the links section on here to find the link to my archive site. 
That is it for now but I am active.  And have more surprises than a barrel of monkey's. 
One other thing is I have to come up with a new name for my translation hacks as I am not transhacks or involved with them in any way shape or form though my hacks are translation hacks and not real translations. If anyone feels I should remove that name from my site email me and I will do so with out question because I know there is or was transhacks long ago..So they have seniority so a new name is in the wood works I just can't think of what else to call those type of translations hacks.

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