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Kid Klown's KrazyNES
Wednesday, 11 April 2012

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Topic: Hacking

Yesterday, I was messing around with Metal Max for the NES, after I realized that no real text changes were ever done. Looking at the Chinese version Ji Jia Zhan Shi I noticed that it had a full english font and down at the bottom where you name your charector it had *Back *Go and *End in english so I fixed this for Metal Max the Translated version or the one with english graphic tiles in it, then while attempting to play the game I encounter a guy asking me a Yes and No question he wanted to give me a massage or something, anyway I declined and went into the rom to find the two letter Japanese Yes and three letter No in the rom and swithed around the pointer to have english three letter Yes and Space before two letter NO. Am I going to make a patch not for the public, get the rom and fix it yourself better yet get a translator and fix the whole game into english. Please. Cause Metal Max Returns sucks. Again I didn't make a table file used Hex Workshop instead.  


Posted by meklowner at 6:02 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 11 April 2012 6:25 PM EDT

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Topic: Hacking

That was blatant, anyway I'm hacking Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. They wanted basically anything done to this game, to make it different in any way, shape, or form.  A game that I've never played before cause I don't understand it at all or how you win anything in it. I'm Changing the text of the game so far, graphics you can forget about it. I managed to change a lot of text Names, I have three new names in there so far, they are M. J. Campos, Julio Roca, and M. J. Cleman.. This was done for the first senario that I changed to 1890 Chaotic Park "Altillery Park" but effects all of the game. Inoder to get the game to display 1890 on all the screens Status and etc, I hade to bypass the pontier in the game cause it only pointed to 189 there was no 0 in it, I found a way to do it, but this made a bigger problem I can now only have dates that include a 0 after the fisrt three Numbers Like in the next senario 195 A.D. would have to become 1950 or some number with an added Zero, however I need it to say 1905 because the Argentine Revolution of 1905 in order to keep my time line going. This is a dead end for the moment. Cause If I change the time line I'll have to replace the names and it can't be done once they are there they remain for every senario of the game. Of course I have no idea of the original story, I never played this game before.


That is it so far,  as I have yet to make a table file, I changed everything with a plain hex only editor. Hopefully when I make one I can resolve my 1905 issue. Crosses Fingers..  


Posted by meklowner at 5:29 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 11 April 2012 5:39 PM EDT

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Topic: Hacking

Thought I'd make a new entry, it's been ages and I don't talk about my hacks much I just do it, and show case it when it's done. If I even get anywhere with it, most times I stop and start on something new. Until the day comes when I decide to finish it or work on it at all. I decline any chance to work with others on a hack, not because I don't like to help out or offer my advice, it's just most often they have thier on idea of how things shoud turn out and don't except other things I make everything the way, when, and how I feel like doing it. There are no rules, standards or requirements of how things turn out. For example my last released hack was Phantasy Star ?, in it I named the main charector Alf, other hackers would spent years arguing that Alf didn't fit or wasn't appropaite. Instead I released it in a few days. Really. That is how rom hackers are they overstate the details of everything. Like every translation has to be by the book, when Nintendo of America or any gaming company in general, would have totally not made an acurate translation had it been brought over to the United States by them. It would been totally edited for content, had parts removed female main charectors replaced with male ones, Enternal Filinia not would been more like Davey's Quest.. Talk about messed up, but you'll never get anything like that in a translation why not, because nobody knows how to Americanise it, sure they can translate it into english but english is a long step away from American. Forget english I want American Nintendolized Versions of Japanese games. Damn It.. 

Posted by meklowner at 4:38 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 11 April 2012 4:48 PM EDT
Wednesday, 12 November 2008
New Day
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Topic: Hacking

I am not planing on hacking KId Klown or MM3. Putting Kid Klown in another nes game may happen in the far future. It would not be a mario hack, I do have a game in mind though I will save it for later on. The one hack that may come next could be my Final Fight 3.nes hack. Is called Final Fight 3 "Something Edition" the something part is a secret. I been working on it secretly for awhile though it's still far from complete. Is planed to be my own version or ediction of it, I have my own story for it as well as charecter names, there are four main characters who all have there own story. The character names graphix in the game I have already replaced but currently they are under revision.  And the one character dean he is just asking to be purple. My current pacth though is only 2kb. So there is still alot of work to do. In the mean time I'll find something else to keep me busy...

Posted by meklowner at 4:06 PM EST
Monday, 10 November 2008
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Topic: Hacking
I unofically adopted the name Kid Klown's KrayNES from the NES game as the name of my romhacking site, and a lot of people already know me as Klowner, With a K and since I found out about this game I been inspired to continue hacking, and I never really had a real name for my Hacking Site, But I think this one will stick and inspire me to do more and make some even better hacks, it's been quite a busy two weeks for me already. I had just released Lazy Power Quest last week. Then this week I cranked out another hack 1919 a hack of 1942.nes released it today no doubt. That is what I call progress. Now I am considering writing up a document on my dealings with 1942.nes after realizing what I know about it could be useful to others. And I am certain that some might want my secret codes that enable you to play through the entire game. And I have some sound bytes that I don't know how to use so will list those in the doc as well. Did you notice this is a rom hacking blog, I am amped up. My socail life is lacking but my hacking is not. I need two lifes to catch up with my one life. I talked with Chris Covell he is cool. About Mickey Mouse 3 AKA Kid Klown in the U.S. his notes about his play through of Mikey Mouse 3 kind made me want to play through both games. Instead of just Kid Klown. Anyway I'll be having some fun. I got so much I want to do. If you want a good cheat code for playing through Mikey Mouse 3. You should check out Chris's Site. He made one just for playing through it. As for Kid Klown I don't know if it is compatable yet but I will find out soon.  

Posted by meklowner at 9:18 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 10 November 2008 10:04 PM EST

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